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In 1994, the country was the site of a horrific genocide. In about 100 days, more than 800,000 people lost their lives. This event decimated the nation’s fragile economic base, leaving the majority of its population living in extreme poverty. Countless children almost instantaneously, became orphans. This grim history led many to believe that Rwanda was lost but this was not God’s plan.


Currently, the country is experiencing healing and unity in ways not imaginable only a decade ago. A short visit to Rwanda will prove that great strides have been taken by the Rwandan people to rebuild their country better than ever before– the people are forgiving, the economy is strengthening, and the living standards are rising. Rwanda is truly a country that has embraced its future with enthusiasm, passion, and principle. While the country continues to reconcile, unite, and prosper one important group is still in need of much support: the orphans of Rwanda.


Rwanda is home to over 1.25 million children without parents or a support structure necessary to nurture their growth. The government, NGOs and a few other individuals are attempting to tackle this huge issue, but the need is still immeasurable.  Solving this problem is necessary for each and every child, as well as continuing the progress this nation is experiencing. Many of the children have no support and are in desperate need of hope. Nibakure is dedicated to being a part of the solution

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