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Founder & Director

Floriane Brown is the Founder of NCV and serves as its Executive Director.  A native of Rwanda, she has lived in the US since 1988.  Before moving to the US, Floriane attended school in Belgium; worked as a radio broadcaster in her native country; served as a bilingual executive assistant for UNDP and UNICEF; and worked as an English teacher at the American Embassy in Kigali, Rwanda.  In the US, she has worked as an executive assistant for an investment firm; an international human resources coordinator; and a translation coordinator.  She has a master’s degree in counseling psychology which has and will be useful in her ongoing work as executive director of NCV.  Floriane is fluent in Kinyarwanda, French and English and proficient in written Swahili.  She has maintained strong relationships in Rwanda and makes frequent visits personally and on behalf of NCV.  Her background, relationships and familiarity with the issues and people is vital to the work of NCV.


Jerry Lee CPA, MBA is a registered investment advisor.  He is President of the Lee Financial Group since 1990.  He earned a degree in accounting from the University of Minnesota – Mankato and an MBA from the University of Phoenix.  He has extensive experience in the world of finances including: financial reporting, financial statement analysis, accounting, planning & budgeting, individual & business taxation, financial planning and portfolio assessment & risk management.  He brings extensive experience with several financial institutions to his position on the board.  He served as treasurer for three years when NCV first began.  We are fortunate to have him serving once again on the board.

Board Chair

Dr. Paul Musherure is a board-certified and award-winning pediatric dentist working with HealthPartners, Inc.  He was born and raised in Uganda and received his post-secondary education in the U.S, including graduating from Hope College in 1993.  Annually, Paul organizes and leads a team of dental professionals from the United States to Uganda to provide free dental treatment to HIV+/AIDS orphans.  He is instrumental on NCV’s building and health committees, and has been a key link with major donors.


Kim Raymond is a licensed architect who owns her own firm in Aspen, Colorado.  She is NCV’s pro-bono architect, providing countless hours of consultation.  She has worked passionately to refine the plans for the village and coordinates the work with the NCV’s Rwandan architect.  She has traveled numerous times to Rwanda to review and advise work at the village site.  She is a tireless supporter of the organization and dedicated board member.



Andrew C. Wierda is a 2009 graduate of Hope College in Leadership Studies.  Drew is the founder of Hope For All God’s Children and helped to establish the partnership between Hope College and NCV.  He traveled to Rwanda in August 2008 as a co-leader for the first group of Hope students to work for NCV. Drew is one of NCV’s most passionate and productive fund raisers.


Matthew Wixson is a graduate of Hope College and is currently a fourth year medical student at the University of Michigan Medical School.  He will begin his residency in the coming year.  His specialty is anesthesiology. He hopes to be able to use his medical profession overseas in mission work throughout his career. He became interested in NCV while a student at Hope College.  Through coordinating Floriane’s first visit to the campus he was touched by the work she was doing for the children of Rwanda and he is delighted to serve NCV through board membership.


Jonathan Zita first became involved with Nibakure during the summer '08. Since then, Jon has been a passionate supporter of NCV. He currently resides in Chicago, IL, where he works as a marketing manager for Didier and Broderick. He graduated from Hope College in 2008, with a degree in Communications. Other things to note, include his talent as an exquisite pianist – who can play just about anything – and the fact he'll be marrying the love of his life, Stephanie Baker, this coming September.

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