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Perpetual Hope

One of our key objectives is to generate 100% of funds required for Nibakure’s operating budget through sustainable income sources. Reaching full sustainability will allow continued growth. One day, providing a safe-haven for over 120 kids at any given time.

With Phase I complete, Village operations is approximately $8,250 USD per month.* In partnership with Hope College, the current focus is to produce this income through a combination of sustainability initiatives. Unrestricted gifts, beyond what’s needed to continue operations, will be “invested” into the Village’s revenue drivers.

*Don’t worry, our cost per child will decrease significantly with growth.

Orchard and Greenhouses

Nibakure has invested in greenhouses, avocado, banana, mango and papaya trees. The surplus will be brought to the local markets and sold to help cover operational costs making Nibakure increasingly self sufficient.

Multi-Purpose Facility

The long term use of the facility will be to house visiting faculty, students, and volunteers primarily from our main supporters: Hope College. This will create operating revenue for village operations as well as provide the village with other technical resources.


Future Opportunities

Nibakure is pursuing additional opportunities in order to enhance stability and diversity of sustainable income sources. We expect the multipurpose facility will be a catalyst for these types of initiatives.

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